Two More Shows Before The End Of The World

Next week I have two shows that I’m super excited about.

1. touchy-feely // December 19th

touchy-feely live no. 2 from andrew tholl on Vimeo.

My band touchy-feely will be playing at the Grand Star Jazz Club in Chinatown. Above is a clip from a live show we played a very long time ago. We will probably sound very different next week. For this show, touchy-feely will be made up of myself, Chris Kallmyer, Richard Vallitutto, and Brendan Carn. Also on the bill is the Kate Olson Quartet.

More info for the show can be found here

2. The Edge of Forever // December 21st

The team of Elizabeth Cline and Lewis Pesacov have created a mini-opera about the end of the world. How could you not want to go to that?

wild Up will be providing the musicians for this performance.

More info and tickets for the show can be found here